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Replacing areas of human supervision with next-generation AI and Computer Vision technology

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"Single shop destination for the World's best Computer Vision &AI based Products and Platforms: Cloud and Edge"



Worlds only pure  AI Based Content Moderation Platform 

Our content moderation solution, MediaFirewall, is ideal for a wide range of platforms, including social network websites, media sharing platforms, social review websites, dating platforms, and more. With its advanced AI technology, MediaFirewall can effectively filter out profanity, nudity, and weapons in videos and images, ensuring that your platform remains free from harmful or inappropriate content. This makes it a perfect fit for various types of platforms where user-generated content is prevalent. Whether you operate a social network website, a media sharing platform, a social review website, or a dating platform, MediaFirewall can help you maintain a safe and healthy user experience, protecting your users from harmful content and enhancing the overall quality of your platform.


DriveSafe 360°


World's best Driver Safety and Fleet Management product powered by Computer Vision

Our state-of-the-art video telematics solution, DriveSafe 360 designed to prioritize driver and passenger safety. With real-time video streaming, GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and vehicle health monitoring, our DriveSafe 360 provides fleet managers with a comprehensive view of our fleet operations. Our cutting-edge technology, including computer vision, allows for advanced analysis of video data, enabling us to proactively manage risks, reduce accidents, and optimize operations. From transportation and logistics to delivery and construction, our DriveSafe 360 is tailored for various industries, ensuring a safer and more efficient fleet management approach. Experience the next generation of fleet safety with our DriveSafe 360 and safeguard your drivers and passengers on the road.

Zero City Logo

Zero City

Releasing in 2025

Transforming Urban Living with AI Solutions

Make your city smarter, safer, and more efficient with our AI solutions for traffic and city surveillance. Utilizing computer vision, our state-of-the-art technology provides real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and automated decision-making to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance security measures. Our solutions offer affordable and accessible zero-cost onboarding for smaller cities and towns, empowering communities to thrive in today's urban landscape. Whether you're looking to improve safety, efficiency, or prevent crime, our AI solutions have you covered. 

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